Bob & Donna

Bob and Donna Walter collaborate on their unique hand-made pieces. We have been working together for several years and continue to expand the scope and diversity of our art. We take pride in creating each individual piece by hand. No computer or automated equipment is used, only standard metalworking tools and equipment. No assistants are employed in the creation of our work.

From raw steel, we impart and evolve each piece, to a personality and character of itís own. The life of each piece begins at the steelyard as so much bulk steel.  We take the steel and bend, shape, cut and weld it until what we have visualized, comes to life from the fire and heat.  Each piece is then given the desired finish. Some are polished and heated with a flame to bring out the natural hues from within the steel, or perhaps finished in a natural rust patina that is timeless in appearance. Others may be painted to meet the desired color combinations of the patron.

Most of our artwork has a Southwest, Native American, or Wildlife theme, as it is our passion. However, we enjoy the challenge of custom work, and would be thrilled to create something to suit your passion.